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Engineering Polymers

Poly Amide (Nylon) materials are synthetic polymers renowned for their superior strength and resilience. Due to the fact that they are polymers with high-amide chain repetitions, these materials boast great hardness and abrasion resistance as well as having low friction coefficients. They have high melting points and superior chemical stability that makes it possible to use them for the manufacture of all types ranging from textiles to engineering elements. Suitability for manufacturing gears, ropes and fabrics is defined through combination of elasticity resistance to high loads low specific weight. Poly Amide (Nylon) materials are widely utilized in the industries and they enjoy very high mechanical properties together with superb thermal strength.
Also referred to as acetal or polyoxymethylene, Polyacetal (POM) materials are high-performance engineering thermoplastic materials that come with exceptional characteristics. Famous for their high mechanical strength, dimensional stability, and low friction coefficient, they are widely used in precision engineering machinery components such as gears, bearings, etc. These crystalline polymers possess high resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and moisture making them suitable for use in many industrial fields. Being able to retain toughness despite low temperatures, Polyacetal (POM) materials become reliable performers in harsh conditions. Whether machining or molding, polyacetals are ideal because they have excellent processability. Order from us these thermoplastics in bulk at a reasonable price. 

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