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PPS (Poly Phenylene Sulphide)

Plunge into the world of advanced engineering and revolutionary PPS (Poly Phenylene Sulphide) polymers. Designed with intricate perfection for unmatched performance, these polymers revolutionize durability and adaptability in industrial domains. Capable of withstanding environments characterized by extreme temperatures, these materials have robust chemical resistance and dimensional stability. A perfect fit for automotive components, electrical connectors, and industrial machinery; these polymers offer reliability as well as endurance of life. Their superior mechanical strength and flame-retardant nature make them a preferred choice for demanding manufacturing applications. Clients can get PPS (Poly Phenylene Sulphide) materials in large quantities with an assurance of fast and safe delivery at a reasonable and low price. 

PPS -SE - Modified For Semiconductor Industry

  • Size:255-360 mm OD x 195-295 mm ID x 1-3 mtr L
  • Color:Beige
  • Density:1.36 g/cm3 Gram per cubic centimeter(g/cm3)
  • Usage:Industrial

PPS Modified Filled With 10% Carbon 10% PTFE And 10% Graphite

  • Density:1.50 g/cm3 Gram per cubic centimeter(g/cm3)
  • Size:40 mm dia x 1-3 mtr L
  • Color:Black
  • Usage:Industrial

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