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PAI (Poly Amide Imide)

Our premium-quality PAI (Poly Amide Imide) polymers offer impressive thermal stability and superb mechanical properties. Coming from the polyamic acids condensation, such polymers display an interesting assembly of heat stability, chemical inactivity, and superior electrical features. They perform well in harsh conditions because of their molecular structure, amide, and imide linkages so they are used mainly for aerospace and automotive together with electronic applications. The combination of excellent temperature withstandability coupled with outstanding dimensional stability makes the PAI (Poly Amide Imide) polymers essential in industries that require a superior standard for performance and reliability from advanced materials.

PAI (Poly Amide Imide) 30 % Glass Fibre Filled

  • Size:10-60 mm thk x 300 mm W x 1 mtr L
  • Usage:Industrial
  • Color:Dark Brown/Black
  • Density:1.57 g/cm3 Gram per cubic centimeter(g/cm3)

Industrial PU Bushes

  • Packaging:Customized
  • Characteristics:Light in Weight
  • Material:PU Products
  • Texture:Plain
  • Supply Ability:5000 Per Month
Price: 1100 INR/Kilograms

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