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High Performance Polymers
High Performance Polymers which have improved mechanical thermal and chemical properties compared to standard polymers are the most demanding among industrial operations. They possess great strength, high temperature tolerance, and chemical stability in the aerospace automotive electronics medical industry.
Engineering Polymers
Engineering Polymers are highly specialized materials with improved mechanical, thermal and chemical properties. These are well established polymers in the automotive, electronics and industrial market segments for production of advanced products capable of high reliability.
Industrial Polymers
Industrial Polymers refer to synthetically produced materials that can find their use in various areas- manufacturing and many others. They are among the most widely used materials in construction, manufacturing sectors manufacture of automobiles and electronics due to high productivity innovation.
Nylon Products
Nylon products stand for versatility and durability, fitting into various facets of daily life. The extensive use of this synthetic polymer signifies the ease with which it can be adapted to fit diverse fields such as modern-day manufacturing and consumer products.

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